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wearing gaming headphones

Best headphones for PC gaming

There are many gaming headphones that are being offered in the market. A good headphone should have some features; the facility must have good sound quality, mic clarity should not be compromised in any way and it should also be comfortable to users.

You should first of all consider, how are gaming headphones different from normal headphones? Why do they need to be different?

One cannot simply choose any old pair of headphones to perform a specific task. There are a very diverse range of earphones that excel at certain tasks, but would woefully under perform at others. Take this site created solely to review the best workout headphones for example. These headphones are specifically optimized for working out. They have certain attributes that make them good at that. Well, just like those headphones are good for the gym, gaming headphones are built a certain way to enhance your gaming pleasure.

HyperX Cloud Revolver

It is one of the best pc gaming headphones currently being retailed in the market. The product has been able to outshine the rest because of many things. The product has a well-balanced sound that can suit a wide range of games. This includes bass, highs, and minds. The right sound balance makes the user have a unique experience since it is more appealing to the ear. This type of headphones also has a good microphone thus offering the user high-quality service. It can also be used for an extended period since it is very comfortable. It has been designed to be in a small size so that it can be used for an extended period of time without getting tired.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12

It is very affordable and thus can be acquired by a wide range of people. It cost less than $50 in a wide range of outlets and also in some sites. The pc gaming headphones is unique; it has inline volume controller which allow the user to control fully the quality and nature of volume being rendered by the product. Apart from that it also has a mic monitor, the availability of these features allow one to customize fully everything that is being offered by the product to suits his demand. The feature that has made the product outstand from the rest is its ability to provide the users to listen to themselves. Many people do not know the essence of having this feature, the importance of that features is so as to control you from not screaming into the mic. The material used to make it is also long lasting. Thus, it can be used for a long period of time without wearing out easily.

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage

Unlike other headphones being rendered in the market, this type of facility has been programmed to offer you a wide range of sound effects. For those people who like heavy low, then this is the best gamer headphones for you. It offers user bass boost which comes with other sound effects that enhance the quality of sound it provides. The product is also very affordable when one consider the features it offers to users.

SteelSeries Siberia 200

They are affordable and at the same time have an excellent sound. With their price points, they are the best gamer headphones one can have. It produces the best lows, highs, and base anytime when being used. Unlike other products which are very challenging when it comes to operating it, this product has been simplified and thus can be easily operated without the need of having any knowledge about the product. They come in a wide range of colors, and so, you can easily get which suits your demands. Apart from that, you can also customize which fully satisfy you, and it will be delivered at your doorstep after making the order. anyone can purchase this headphone online.

V-Moda Crossfade M100 and Wireless

It has some of the user-friendly features that can be easy used. It also has a steel frame which strengthens it thus, making it durable and at the same time look good. It offers the user a chance to use the product either in a wireless or wired mode so, making it flexible to users who would like to enjoy the service being offered by the product.

Is it Wise to Get a 4K Gaming Monitor?

Whenever new technologies come up in the PC gaming community, people are intrigued by what they can offer. But the funny thing is that it was only a few years ago where 1080p monitors were met with so much enthusiasm and excitement. But now the idea of having a 1080p gaming monitor is fairly routine and standard. It has become the bare minimum that PC gamers will accept from their viewing devices. It is now clear that many enthusiasts are going towards 1440p or even 4K monitors.

But it is also time to look at whether these screens are worth the price. Are you getting good value if you spend a few extra hundred dollars on a 1440p or 4k monitor? The answer depends on how much money you can spend on the rest of your budget, and why you are buying the monitor in the first place.


1440p monitors:

The natural progression from 1080p goes towards 1440p monitors. And the truth is that these monitors are well worth their price, especially if you are someone who is enthusiastic about gaming on your PC. While 1080p gaming is fantastic, all games look even better on a 1440p display. It is a noticeable difference and it can improve your experience. And the best part is that the newer graphics cards are providing users with an opportunity to play games at 1440p settings without having to invest crazy money in their GPU.


4K Monitors:

The situation with regards to 4K monitors is a little more complicated than the 1440p displays. Why? Because getting true 4K performance out of your graphics card(s) is still a challenge. Even if you are someone who gets the NVIDIA GTX 1080 when it comes out and pairs it with another 1080 in SLI, you may not get complete 4K performance for all the AAA games you want to play. For a person who is exclusively buying a 4K monitor for the purpose of gaming and/or watching videos, you may be better off saving a couple of hundred dollars and getting a 1440p 144 Hz monitor. This will give you the best bang for your buck.


Video Editing and Productivity:

On the flipside, those people who want to build a powerful PC for video and photo editing, or general productivity, can certainly enjoy a 4K display. It is worth the money for these individuals because gaming at higher resolutions is not necessarily their priority. A 4K display gives you so much more real estate, especially if you get a 27-inch monitor. You can have three or four browser windows open at the same time without any issues.

Many enthusiasts say that having a 4K monitor for productivity almost negates the need for multiple monitors. If you previously had a 1080p dual monitor setup, you will probably get as much real estate on your 4K screen as those two 1080p screens combined.

So if you are someone who is looking to upgrade your monitor shortly, you may want to consider why you want to buy the monitor before spending north of $500 on a 4K display.


How Important is Refresh Rate and Input Lag in Monitors?

When people go to buy a new monitor for their PC, they are mostly concerned with the screen size and resolution they are getting. But sometimes if you look at the cheaper 1080p monitors that cost less than $150, you may want to take a moment and consider the refresh rate and input lag of these monitors. One of the ways that companies can cut costs and sell monitors for a lower price is by putting less effort on the refresh rate and input lag side of the construction.


When you are getting a 1080p monitor, you must get a monitor that has a minimum of 60 Hz as the refresh rate. In fact, gamers should probably be getting a 144 Hz refresh rate monitor. This will allow you to get up to 120 FPS with your video games, especially if you have a mid to high-end graphics card. Limiting yourself to 60 Hz is fine for now, but it is not exactly getting you a future proof monitor. And if you are someone who doubts the benefits of the extra FPS, simply take some time to watch a physical demonstration of the difference between 60 FPS and 120 FPS during gaming.



Gamers who are enthusiastic about first person shooter games, or enjoy eSports games such as DOTA, WoW or League of Legends will benefit from getting a 144 Hz monitor. The better FPS you are getting in these games will result in real world performance improvements in your game, especially if you play an FPS game like Counter-Strike. For Counter-Strike, you simply cannot compare the experience you get with 60 FPS vs. 120 FPS.


Input Lag

Another important thing you must note in your monitor purchase is the input lag. Some monitor descriptions do not put the input lag high up in their list of specifications, but you must read the fine print to see if it is an acceptable level. Some cheaper monitors have as much as 8 or 10 ms of input lag. This is not ideal for people who are gaming. While it is not a problem if you are only watching videos or using your computer for general productivity and tasks, but you will suffer in gaming with high input lag.


But what is input lag? In simple terms, it is the amount of time it takes between you completing an action on your keyboard, mouse or controller and the action showing up on your screen. The lower the input lag, the more instantaneous the entire experience. This is why you will want to get a monitor with 1 to 3 ms of input lag if you are someone who games on a professional level.


Even if you are a gaming enthusiast who treats it as a hobby, you will have a much better experience with a low input lag monitor. Every game will simply feel smoother and more responsive to play. While input lag may not see you suffer in sports or racing games, it makes a huge difference in FPS games.